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Chemical, Natural, & Supernatural Healing

WAtch Dr. Frischman Speak at a Maayon Yisroel Event

 Note: Audio starts a bit after the 4-minute mark

The Garden of Healing Appendices

on Eating and Healthy Living

Learn about the foundational tenets of a healthy diet and lifestyle in this thorough, 11-page appendices written by Dr. Frischman in R’ Shalom Arush’s book, The Garden of Healing.

Does Traditional Jewish Medicine Exist?

A Fascinating Conversation with Dr. Yehuda Frischman

“The crisis that sparked his foray into Jewish medicine, and the jouney he took to become the beloved messenger of healing he is today”.  Get to know Dr. Frischman better through his January 2019 interview with The Wellspring magazine.

Wellspring Interview in Hebrew

האם רפואה יהודית מסורתית היא מציאות קיימת

שיחה מרתקת עם ד”ר יהודה פרישמן

A Pointed Look at Acupuncture

Wellness Magazine’s June 2019 interview with Dr. Frischman.

Dr. Frischman was interviewed for Wellspring Magazine’s June 2019 article on acupuncture. Enjoy getting all your questions about acupuncture answered.

For the full version of the interview, you can access the exclusive, unedited interview notes below for even more information.

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